The "Original" Great Controversy Project
      "The Storm Is Coming!"


Ellen White challenged her readers to broadly distribute The Great Controversy. We would like to accept this challenge by launching The Great Controversy Project (GCP), an exciting opportunity for every Seventh-day Adventist believer to widely spread the good news of God's plan of redemption. The goal is to ask every member to purchase copies of The Great Controversy at specially reduced prices and distribute them like the leaves of autumn.

We are challenging every member to read or reread The Great Controversy, then join in with the global Adventist family and give this precious book to friends, family members, work colleagues, and strangers. It can be given out publically, personally, anonymously, by mail, or any other way possible. Each copy will have a nice message in it and provide the reader with an opportunity to read more, take Bible lessons, visit one of our churches, or talk to a person. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will see souls influenced for good and join God's last-day movement.

Every church leader at every level in the church can do three things: (1) promote and support this project with their personal and public influence and their resources; (2) creatively use every avenue at their disposal to distribute and actually get out into the highways and hedges hundreds and thousands of copies of The Great Controversy in their territories; and (3) pray for revival and reformation, for the power of the Holy Spirit to do something special with this project and in our personal lives.

We are living in the end time and I know God wants to do something special with our efforts. [Delbert Baker, general vice president, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists] {}

Every person who has enlisted under the blood-stained banner of the Creator has entered upon a warfare that demands constant vigilance. No storm or tempest can move those whose feet are planted on the principles of eternal truth. They will be able to stand in this time of almost universal apostasy. (MS 74)

Now it's time to rejoice as we see the spotlight of heaven shine on our world president, Ted N. C. Wilson, leaders and laymen as they realize the solemn, serious responsibility of fulfilling God's charge. We are seeing indomitable courage - and at the same time, remaining respectfully humble. The significance and the incredible way they are leading is heartwarming and enthusiastically encouraging.

First, they take all challenges and plans to God in prayer. Then let God speak to us through them in worship. That is what happened at the church headquarters with an appeal to distribute the book The Great Controversy to an estimated twenty-two thousand homes surrounding the world headquarters. It was awesome to behold the world leaders and laymen standing and kneeling with President Wilson in the middle of a pyramid of one thousand Great Controversy books in a dedication prayer. The employees and leaders are ecstatic about getting this book into every home.

President Wilson said "This project has the potential to tell our neighbors what current events are about, preempting concern that The Great Controversy might not be the most accessible book for those unfamiliar with the church. He also said it was "chosen for the completeness of the message. In some places it's pretty straight, but it brings people to an understanding where we are in earth's history."

President Wilson in his closing comments before the dedicatory prayer for the project admitted that "copies may be tossed, but God's spirit would accompany the distribution". He also said "those who are truly seeking truth will be attracted to this book."

Additionally, President Wilson hopes this project will serve as encouragement for church administrative officers worldwide to participate in similar distributions. The distribution of The Great Controversy book was voted by the world church headquarters outreach committee.

Armando Miranda, a world church General Conference Vice-President said, " it is a privilege for church world headquarters to have the opportunity to make an impact on the surrounding community through this project instead of leaving witness solely up to the churches." He also said, "each copy of The Great Controversy comes with an invitation card for Bible correspondence, an unobtrusive way to encourage Bible study. There are a lot of people who would never accept a direct invitation to study the Bible, but the Lord has other means and this is one of them."

Church leaders announced this new book distribution project is expected to give residents around the church world headquarters in the 20904 postal zip code an opportunity to gain insight into the understanding of Biblical prophecy.

At the conclusion of a recent church world headquarters worship, employees donated more than $38,000 to fund the printing and mailing of The Great Controversy. Now it has been said they may have above $60,000 or more raised above the basic cost, and it will go toward copies of the book to adjacent areas.

The Great Controversy encapsulates events of the past, today, and a gives a view of the events to come. This project is not only an effort to distribute copies of this book to an estimated 127 million homes in the United States, but also throughout the entire world. What is unbelievable, this paperback copy of The Great Controversy book only costs $1.25 to print, package and ship in bulk to full zip codes. However, we need to act now because paper and postage will go up. Single copies are also available at an individual rate. The Review and Herald Publishing Association is printing, packaging and shipping.

As was at the beginning, does it not cause one to rejoice as we see the leaders and employees at the world church headquarters signature on this Great Controversy Project? This is an incredible miracle. This will give every person on planet earth the opportunity to say "yes" or "no" to a better life.

What you have read and observed is the amazing spotlight of heaven shining on this project. The question is - "Are you going to take part in this project by sending The Great Controversy to your neighbor or zip code?" For the answer, PRAY, then call 1-800-600-7197 for more information on how to get involved. To God be the glory for what He is doing through His people with this project!

Ellen. G. White

    Ellen Gould White
    Ellen Gould White

    "The message we have to bear is not a message that men need cringe to declare. They are not to seek to cover it, to conceal its origin and purpose. Its advocates must be men who will not hold their peace day nor night. As those who have made solemn vows to God, and who have been commissioned as the messengers of Christ, as stewards of the mysteries of the grace of God, we are under obligation to declare faithfully the whole counsel of God. We are not to make less prominent the special truths that have separated us from the world, and made us what we are; for they are fraught with eternal interests. God has given us light in regard to the things that are now taking place in the last remnant of time, and with pen and voice we are to proclaim the truth to the world, not in a tame, spiritless way, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power of God."
    TM 470, 471